Sudden happy to sad moments looping

Wajiha Khan
3 min readJan 13, 2022

How the moments change phenomena in real life and affect the life and moods

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Life is full of surprises. Sporadically we have happy moments, and occasionally the depressing moments engulf us. But it amazes me sometimes how a sudden person’s life with happiness and the smile on the face rapidly changes, and it showers the darkness of sad moments on life and makes the atmosphere stressful as well. Due to the changing atmosphere of the person’s inner and also the effects of these sudden moments on the person depicts the outer sad side and atmosphere and in a small-time, the miserable moments and incidents turn the happiness to sad.

But life’s process does not remain the same. It is a rapid variation of happy moments and sad moments. But it is on the person’s hand also that he or she really wants to vanish the sad moments to move on more speedily by coping up with the difficulties in a courageous way.

People are very linked with happiness and sadness looping. Sometimes a person feels happy when interacting with the beloved person but does not know about the other person’s mood. Maybe he or she is not in a suitable mood at that time, as a result, and when the sudden depressing and loud behavior exerts from that person, then it becomes the cause of moment change point. Sudden reaction from the people suddenly depresses that person who is very well in mood. Then the aggressiveness exerts from that person and affects the happy person’s mood. This thing shows that when we observe keenly from a small level how sudden soft and loud behaviors change the happy to sad and vice versa moments. Well, in reality, it is not a mistake of another person who is suffering from a disturbing and annoying phase. The reaction from the disturbed person is obvious. But this reaction is a fact to change the moments and play a miserable role of sudden charming to the unattractive atmosphere. This is a petite thing to notice about the moments, which is a circulation between happy to sad circles.

This is a minor practical moment to mention. When we observe, the biggest tragedy in life that depicts the sudden happy to sad moment is switching of life to death stage. Although it is the biggest truth and fact that every person has to taste death and a person has to swallow this death pill, it is impossible to live a lifetime…

Wajiha Khan

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